How should you pay for a new website?

Building, maintaining, and monitoring a website is not a one-time event, so why do people pay for it as such?

The truth is, a new website needs constant care and attention, especially when it's your business.

It obviously needs to be online 24/7, certainly needs to be fast, and all images and pages need to work.

Websites also need enough dedicated space to grow. If a website you share a server with suddenly gets busy, you don't want your website to suddenly start running slowly.

Any broken links (those leading to other websites that no longer exist) need to be weeded out regularly.

A website also needs original content to be ranked highly in Google, and needs special attention to how it's structured, to be search-engine friendly.

Content needs to be refreshed regularly too, to show Google it's not a stale website.

So what's wrong?

  • High initial cost, in excess of £500 for a simple "brochure" website.
  • Nobody actively monitoring your website if it goes offline or runs slowly.
  • Usually sharing server space with thousands (yes thousands) of other websites.
  • Small changes can be expensive. e.g. fixing a typo, replacing a picture, etc.
  • Content goes out-of-date and is no longer relevant.

Our clear pricing

  • £50 per month (no initial cost, no annual fee).
  • Domain name included.
  • Unlimited email addresses and email hosting.
  • Small future content changes included.
  • Your website is monitored 24/7/365.
  • Dedicated server hosting.
  • Up-to-date security updates constantly applied.
  • Hourly backups taken "off-site" for extra protection.
  • Unlimited free "tech-help" (i.e. ask us anything).

We realise it's a lot, but we like to keep things simple, and if it doesn't cost a lot, we throw it in for free.

We call it our "bish bash bosh" list.

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The (not-so) small print

  • 12 month minimum contract - this is what allows us, and you, to spread the cost.
  • We're here for you 24/7 - not just while we build your website, but forever.

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